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DArkher - biography



“ ghostly transmissions that sound like they were delivered by lost souls in the dead of night"

DARKHER is a haunting trip through the mind and spirit of  founding member Jayn H. Wissenberg, a West Yorkshire-based  Vocalist, Songwriter  and Producer whose powerful, captivating music is characterised by doom- laden riffs, spine tingling vocals, soul baring songs ,  layered with storm clouds of guitars -provided by long term collaborator (and Husband )- Guitarist and Bassist Martin T Wissenberg, and Joined in 2017 by original My Dying Bride Drummer Rick Miah. 


The sound of DARKHER is veined by both an unsettling atmosphere of encroaching dread and a deep, otherworldly confidence. The debut album 'Realms' follows on from the critically acclaimed EP, The Kingdom Field, which was released in 2014. 



Lyrically, Realms mirrors the ominous, awe-inspiring character of the music; the tales on the album lie somewhere between this sphere and the unseen worlds before and beyond. DARKHER songs reveal Wissenberg's relationship with fear, death and spirituality and question how love can connect souls from past, present and future. 



Realms, released in 2016, impressively proves that the fire of great expectations raised by the debut’s spark were more than justified. The album features nine distinctive, dynamic and dramatic tracks that are impossible to resist. Songs such as the sternly imploring Moths, the driving Wars, with its signature drum march, or the sinister, unfathomable Buried or Foregone may be mentioned as cornerstones of an album that, due to its quality and diversity, bears the potential earmarks of a future classic.




a dark fairytale meditation on life, death and what lies beyond. Realms more than lives up to the high expectations surrounding it “ THE INDEPENDENT


“ it took just one quick listen to be totally ensnared by their musical spells. I don’t think I was alone either, as at the aforementioned gigs they completely captivated the audience and in the silent moments it is not an exaggeration to say that you could have heard a pin drop such was the mesmerising spell they had cast upon us. Realms’ has transported me to places, some beautiful and some very dark, it’s gorgeous, haunting and sublime. As it finishes playing I am left with a void and know it won’t be long until I revisit and get caught up once more. Listen with your soul and heart and spread the magic!” AVE NOCTUM


The music made by Darkher is indeed dark; the band’s new album Realms is filled with soundscapes that conjure images of such bleakness that when front woman Jayn H Wissenberg sings softly over a sludgy doom-infused melody like that of “Buried, Pt. II,” you can just imagine her standing atop a hill, the lone survivor of war or some other horrible plague, surveying endless devastation all around her.Darkher, rounded out by guitarist and bassist Martin T. Wissenberg are expert at setting a certain mood, and Realms will take you to places you might think you would have no desire to go to, but that will intrigue you once you get there” AXS


"Realms, with its ethereal songwriting and emotional singing, impacted me like few other doom metal releases this year....I’m having a difficult time putting Realms down long enough to write this review" Angry Metal Guy


"Honestly, as a debut, this is extremely impressive. It's gorgeous, intense, doomy-as-hell, and it takes pride in engulfing your ears in incredibly thick layers of darkness" Sputnik Music


Darkher's music is one of those captivating, highly atmospheric, unpretentiously dark and absolutely emotive sonic creations meant to feed your spirit. Jayn's songs are simply mesmerizing, beautiful, fragile, but at the same time there's present some kind of horror, intense veil of darkness and huge amount of almost raw power brought to the surface by stormy wall of guitar sound. Darkher made a truly transcedental album that can't be really compared to anything done before, it's a sonic journey for your mind and soul, taking the listener into darkness filled with ever changing reflections of water. This is a walk through changeably stormy weather, most of the time it's cruel, but there are traces of sun and on the distant horizon you can see clearness. Terra Relicta


“ ghostly transmissions, sold beautifully by Wissenberg’s entrancing voice, that sound like they were delivered by lost souls in the dead of night. With each visit, I feel like I’m traveling down a lonely stream, in a boat that fits one, with only the moonlight to enlighten my way......eerie, chilling music that could make your skin freeze.”


Meat Mead metal


weaving Gothic themes and eery atmosphere around a base of dark ambiance. It is hard to pick out individual notions between the mix of entrancement, sadness, introspection and soul-searching curiosity that washes over you "


Metal temple


for now I must be honest with you and tell you that this is an absolutely unique experience and a must for each and every darkened soul out there.” Terra relicta


the whole atmosphere is of a Druid procession gone from steady to almost menacing.” Metal reviews


a haunting, beautiful, teeth-edging horror and it’s utterly brilliant.

Bring me an album, now.”

 Ghost Cult


She releases an excellent EP that has a mysterious, angelic and dark atmosphere. Add to this her outstanding voice, and the result is just magnificent!” Peek a boo magazine

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